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The Ocho Bar

Wild idea just popped into my head.

As another birth-option (particularly for those who live on the wild, IronMan side): code store 8 to be a walled-off-room with a closed, but, unlocked door. A special generate routine would need to be built for it, but in The Ocho Bar, you could have a plethora of townies - Drunks, Mercenaries, Squit-eyed rodues, and veterans hanging around. Every once in a while, due to erradic behavior, I guess, they may exit the Bar on their own.

One could conceivably carry the idea further and store/save item information, so items dropped in the Ocho Bar are held there until one recalls back to town... just, that a townie might pick up your stack of !s of Restore mana, or whatever, and carry them around. (That only matters for normal players, not IronMan types.)
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