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After nearly 30 years I'd like to win once

The first roguelike I recall playing was on PC in 1988/1989 and called Amulet of Yendor. I had a pet dog and when I tested a wand on him he turned into a dragon and then I was hooked on the genre. Somewhere in the 90s I came across Moria and I was hooked. Then maybe 10 years ago I came to Angband, and I was hooked. I've played Angband on and off ever since, but I've never won the game. I have a knack for getting cocky around CL30 / DL40 and then it's bye-bye @

I recently heard that HE/Rogue is the easiest combo to win Angband with so I rolled one up and so far it's going very well, but I had a very close call an hour ago when I thought I'd see what happened if I attacked a lesser balrog. What happened is I teleported away 2 or 3 turns later with 1HP

So I thought I'd come here for some advice, what do I need to do with this guy to keep alive the hope of winning the game:

I think he could do with more con but otherwise I think stats are okay?

I'm pretty happy with equipment and I imagine I'm mostly looking for upgrades now, especially speed?

Have I got the right gear equipped or am I leaving something better in inventory or at home?

Any advice is appreciated, I'd love to win with this guy but I'd settle for learning a lot more about the next 20 or so dungeon levels.
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