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Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
Not sure what you're talking about? I just started 4.1.2, and accidentally discovered that a mass banish cast outside a vault disperses the non-uniques within.
Let's be clear - Estie is talking about the "experimental-feature" branch of Vanilla, not the plain (current) 4.1.2 Vanilla.

I tentatively agree with many, though not all, of Estie's comments, but I've only played one feature branch character so far.

The banish, mass banish, having to figure out what is a special room or vault and what isn't, (wasting many scroll/charges in the process), and that somehow it is "wrong" to banish Q's, v's, and Z's before entering a vault - so someone else's idea of "correct" gameplay gets imposed on me, yeah, I find that distasteful.
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