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Ubuntu SDL Help?

I installed the most recent Angband version on a Windows machine and it was nice: I could spawn other windows and map in various displays, etc. However, on my Linux box (where I'd *actually* like to play), I guess I did something wrong.

I've got Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) installed and 3.1.0 isn't in the package repo yet, so I wanted to install from source. I had to install some X11 libraries before the config output reported 'yes' for it. In reading about all of that, though, I read that the SDL interface was much nicer, so I installed some SDL libraries and configure reports yes for that, now.

I typed angband again, but it didn't look any different from before. I tried angband -msdl and it told me "angband: Unable to prepare any 'display module'!" Sad Ben.

I'm a total Linux noob, so I may be doing something really dumb. Any help or suggestions? I'll be happy to provide more information, I'm just not sure what else would he helpful. Thanks in advance.

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