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Originally Posted by benhamill View Post
Where can I find documentation about what needs to be in that file?
No idea - I worked it out from first principles. Each window has settings for TOP, LEFT, HEIGHT and WIDTH. These are in pixels. It also has settings for VISIBLE (0 or 1) and FONT. You multiply the font size by the number of rows/cols you want to get height and width. Put your main window (window 0) at 0,0 and arrange your other windows accordingly. I use a 9x15 font for the main window, and I have it as the standard 80x24 (I'm not sure if you can use bigscreen with SDL). This means that the adacent windows have TOP=360 or LEFT=720 (which are the main window's HEIGHT and WIDTH, respectively).

What fonts you choose and how big your windows are kind of depends on how much screen real estate you have available.

Hope this helps. Sadly the machine I'm typing this on doesn't support SDL, otherwise I'd post my sdlinit.txt - I'm happy to do that later if need be.

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