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Originally Posted by quarague View Post
I just lost a char to a small undead pit. Char was a HT paladin, level 38, dlevel 75, small room with 5x6 or so random undead. I know these rooms can be very dangerous ;-)
I had already killed a Dreadmaster and various other random G, standing in a corridor leading towards the room and killed the first few non wall passers. From detection I knew there was one master lich and 4 'e', I think 2 skull druj and 2 hand druj left (plus random harmless stuff) in the room.
The master lich cast teleport to and then I was hit by water 3 times before I got a turn. 400+ remaining hitpoints to dead.
Key question: the master lich (as any other monster) needs to have line of sight of me in order to cast anything? It is not sufficient, that it just knows where I am (through telepathy or something)?
Bad luck count: I had speed +21, drujs have +10? They cast spells 1 in 2 times? They have multiple spells to choose from, water is only one of them? So what are the odds that 3 out of 4 cast water at me before I get a turn?
Feature request: show the entire dungeon level including all monsters upon death. (I hope this doesn't exist already and I overlooked it). As is I never got to see the spot where my char died and which monsters actually hit me. This feature would also help better understand death from of screen situations.
+1 from me for the last statement, for the player it is frustrating to get killed and being unable to know why or what hit him (and it prevents that the player learns from his mistakes).
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