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Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 View Post
How about reverting Morgoth's difficulty & aggression back to his 1.4.1 version? Consensus says that was the toughest Morgoth, period.
Morgoth in 1.4.1 was a long slog of attrition that frequently ran the player out of potions before they had Morgoth on the ropes. I don't think this was fun.

Current Morgoth is slayable by truly overpowered characters but definitely requires a step up from a three-sil win, and in general the fight is decided one way or another within a couple of hundred turns. I think I like this, though the ladder is of course dominated by highly skillful players who are capable of building Morgoth-killers.

I intend just before release to add an increment to score for wins with Sindar/Naugrim/Edain characters (I think the first two are roughly equal in challenge but am willing to hear counter-arguments). Given we have only two Edain Morgoth kills to date I think honouring this as the crowning achievement of the game on the scoreboard is fair, and I think current Morgoth is already pitched to make doing this extremely hard. Any stat tweaks from here will probably be minor, though if I can find other ways to make the dynamic of the fight more challenging without just buffing stats I may incorporate these.
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