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Angband lost the popularity contest?!

I am curious to know why it is that Angband seems to be, far and out the least popular of all of the current roguelikes.

I enjoy reading various, "Top 100 best RPG's" or "The 5 free computer games you should be playing!" type lists, and I have found that, often, you will find NetHack in there somewhere. (And as far as roguelikes go, that is usually it)
But even reading through various forums, you will run into ToME and ironically sometimes even ZAngband, but I next to never see even a mention of what I personally consider the #1 greatest, near-perfect masterpiece that has ever been created, Angband.

Waddup wit dat!?

My guess it the fact that most roguelikes tend to have a tile set of some variety as the default. Unlike angband. Despite the many various tilesets available. (For the poser spelunkers out there)

Or maybe I just haven't invested enough time in NetHack or ToME? I have played dozens of various roguelikes, but Angband stand alone as a game that I have no qualms or hestation about starting a game with every intention of investing 20-40 hours into a single character. Other games I start and maybe enjoy for a few hours, but I dunno. It always seems to fizzle out for me.

Opinions? Remarks? Sage advice?

(The preceding has been the disorganized contents of boxcar 4AB-7, riding along with my standard train of thought, conducted by a mad man, or perhaps no man. As if on cue, I seem to have confused myself)
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