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Just died to an Earth Elemental... figured it would only melee me, forgot about whatever it can apparently cast (too lazy to look it up).

But seriously, I had a ton of fun.. highlights, after getting past the ignominious deaths to self-immolation or shrieker patches:

- Casting 'maa' in each new room and praying nothing is awake
- Phase Dooring to get enough distance to blast something
- Realizing stair scumming is not scummy, but an essential survival trait
- Realizing resistances are *completely* futile
- The sinking feeling when the Ancient Red Dragon refused to die after a rocket to the face
- The elation when it then *failed* to fire a rocket!!

It was fun, but also doomed to failure, so the clear conclusion is that Morgoth should arm all his minions with Rocket Launchers.
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