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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
Well, this isn't quite what you were going for with speed run (I'm not sure what the rules are for doing a speed run if any?)

In this game, I am playing with skip 4 levels on (so I start on DL4, and when I hit the stairs I go to DL8). I'm not playing deep descent, but I am playing disconnected stairs, no selling and no gear at start. Half-troll Warrior. The video starts getting kind of fun at 34:17.

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Putting on level skip is very much contrary to the spirit of a traditional speedrun challenge, as part of the difficulty in speedrunning is finding the stairs (or deep descent scrolls, or Mordy's for the create stairs spell).

Level skip by itself is most useful as either a mere timesaver (that is, trying to avoid tedium as opposed to trying to conplete the game as quickly as possible as a challenge), or perhaps as a way for a player who isn't accustomed to diving to force themselves into a diving mindset (because there aren't as many shallow levels to play through).

Level skip + forced descent is an interesting challenge, as it leaves you with fewer opportunities to find useful treasure before you reach the bottom of the dungeon and have to fight the bosses.
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