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As someone who was drawn to Angband by its lore and who aligns himself with the good races (hobbits and elves please!) it took me a looong time before I would even consider not scoffing at Half-trolls even being an option in the game, but once someone recommended (probably Derakon) that I try it, and I finally did, I haven't tooked back. Every once in awhile I'll try different combos, but HT Warrior really is by far the most enjoyable class combo for me.

Things I like about it: The early game is really easy (shouldn't games start out easy and get harder?) As Derakon says, it's great, satisfying fun just running around and crushing everything you see. It's also more exciting not having good detection, because more scary things can happen to you while you are bludgeoning everything in sight.

I love the early game, but I also love the late game when I'm doing up to 900 damage to most things per round. I also like that HT/Warriors are versatile, so when I find a really good launcher I'm at least pretty good at using it.

I find the other class/combos to require far too much time and patience to repeat them regularly, though I do enjoy them from time to time. But at some point while playing a Mage I just stop and say "why am I taking so much time and bother to rest up all the time between assaults on this unique when I could just be bashing his head in as a HT/Warrior and be done with it?" It's just hard for me to justify the trouble of playing other class/combos.

I started winning Angband regularly when I started taking seriously the advice on these boards.

EDIT: HT/Warriors can be so powerful that you can beat Morgoth without any banish/mbanish/rune/destruction scrolls without too much trouble if you have the speed, AC and damage output (which one often does when playing Randarts). It's another reason I like to play them; it's more satisfying to just kill the things instead of banishing them. And I often find all the gear I need to win the game by DL70 because I've killed so many uniques and gotten so many good drops by then, even while playing with forced descent on.

I mean, ultimately the game comes down to damage and health; and HT Warriors have both of these in spades.

Oh, and Lances are 30 pounds and Maces of Disruption are 40 pounds. And recently I just noticed how good the dice on Katanas are for their weight; by far the best dice to weight ratio (they only weigh 12 pounds but have 3D5!) Oddly, though, it's rarely beneficial to wield them as a HT/Warrior over lighter weapons (early) or heavier weapons later. Dunno why, though; just usually find some other good artifact weapon.

Part of the problem with the weapons system in Angband is that light weapons are useful too deep into the game. Angband would be much more interesting if daggers and spears and the like would max out in blows much earlier and do much less damage than the heavier weapons.
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