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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
But at some point while playing a Mage I just stop and say "why am I taking so much time and bother to rest up all the time between assaults on this unique when I could just be bashing his head in as a HT/Warrior and be done with it?" .
i think that's a problem with the game, though. Right now, I've got a CL34 half-orc mage with a few boosted stats (need more CON in the world' worst way.). And what's the most powerful single-round attack form this mage, with Kelek's (the collection of which was a rather challenging adventure), can offer?

Fire ball? At a mere 89 points, hardly.
Rend soul? 11d34 looks impressive at first glance, but at a mere 194 points per round (if the critter, like, say, half the the dungeon)) resist it, it only comes out to half that, so meh.

Nope. The most powerful ranged attack in this half-orc's arsenal is the Long bow of Bard, which edges out the heavy crossbow of power, currently ranked No. 2.

That ain't right.
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