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Originally Posted by Donald Jonker View Post
I presume you're also the one laughing at the piles of arrows that stack up around my feet every time it seems I should be able to hit something, but can't.

Been playing solid for over a year + half; that's a long time to still not have an intuitive grasp of the targeting system. I don't think I'm that obtuse. Single biggest thing holding the game back, IMO. And once it's done for V it really should be ported to the variants.
Well, it's kind of hysterical laughter.

In fact, I think I'd like to conjecture that this is like voting systems - you make a few simple assumptions about what an ideal one should be, and that results in a contradiction. While this seems bad, it's in fact very freeing - once you know perfection is impossible, you just go with what feels least bad.

So I'm kind of taking the view that hockey stick abuse and trick shots are less than ideal, but better the devil you know. And targetting tells you what you can target, so there shouldn't be a problem with trying to target things you can't hit. Especially if V implements the NPP displayed-path-to-target.
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