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Originally Posted by ShinX3 View Post
I have an orcish pick of earthquakes, and the description says 'creates earthquakes on impact'. However I have yet to notice a single one. Is it just incredibly rare or is it bugged?
So rare that it never happens. You need (damage roll) x (slay/brand effect) to be greater than 50; your pick will be acid branded (x3), so you need a roll of 17 from 1d4.... The only weapon that actually allows an earthquake to happen is Grond. So "of Earthquakes" effectively means "of Acid", which is still nice, but misleading.

It's been awhile since I've played Angband, and the new command set changes are hard to get used to, especially the shops are a pain. Is there a way to switch the shops back to normal so I don't wind up accidently selling stuff?
I don't believe so.
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