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Some feedback on pseudo-id

First of all, I think the new ID-by-use is great, and makes especially the early game much more fun. The new pseudo and the removal of *Identify* are good IMHO.
However, I think that in the late game some of the identifying tediousness creeps back. Wearing things just to know their powers is unncessarily tedious.
Here are a couple of suggestions that I think would improve the situation:
1) remove {ego} overall, and pseudo-id everything as {excellent} or {splendid} immediately. Currently, for most of the mid-game, I have to spend two turns wearing it just to know which is which --- booring.
1.5) when the {splendid} pseudo-id happens, tell the players immediately what are the "splendid" powers. Why do I have to spend a turn wearing it just to know?
2) pseudo-id artifacts as {special} when one walks upon them. So that one does not need to pick up and drop every item just to check if it is an artifact.
3) in the late game (e.g. from clvl 35 on), give a certain probability that pseudo-id happens immediately when the player walks upon an object (no need to pick it up) --- maybe the {average} and {magic} pseudo could always happen when walking upon the object? Maybe the probability could depend on the perception/searching ability?
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