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Hey Konijn, Good to see you again!

The Windows port is in a weird state, sadly. Right now only one of the active devs uses Windows (Mingw) and everyone else cross-compiles (also with Mingw) and plays the Windows port with WINE. So... support is a bit bad for other situations (Cygwin and MSVC++ for instance) simply because we can't support them very well without using them.

If you haven't already, I would strongly recommend creating yourself a Github account and forking angband, to make it easy to send us patches, suggestsions, features, etc.

If you made a patch to that will allow things to work with Cygwin, that would be great. I haven't had time to fully understand your comment about dirent.h versus direct.h but I will try to. Even though I mostly use Linux I'm trying to improve the Windows port (I just checked in PNG support which was mostly written by Blue Baron but hacked in by me), so please feel free to send me feedback about it.

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