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How to commit to GitHub?

I forked angband a while ago, and have been fetching the changes to look at it. Now I felt it was time to start contributing a bit. So, I've made some code changes I'd like to share, but can't get it to work...

This is what I did:
// make sure I have latest version
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

// create my own branch
git branch feelings
git checkout feelings

// code
Edited the file I wanted to edit (using Notepad), copied the folder (to not mess up the Git folder with compilation junk), compiled and tested. OK, everything is working, time to commit.

// commit
git push feelings

// check result


So nothing happened, except I created a new branch on the remote repo. I can mention that I also did push master, and tried to change the url of origin so I don't have to write the url each time.

So, how do I manage to commit to my online repo? Which I suppose is a prerequisite to making a pull request...
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