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The early game is not far too important. While you are more likely to die there, you waste about as much time there as anywhere else.
Hit dice is obviously the most important trait. Hit dice is the only thing that cannot be improved with equipment, hit dice determines HP, and HP determines survival. You cannot win without first surviving.
Sustain strength is handy for the simple reason that most dangerous monsters drain that, and it is hardest to recover from. I have spent time at dlvl 55 with a clvl 30 priest with only the basic books at -5 speed. A hilarious experience.
Regen might be the most important early game trait Trolls have, because it allows you to survive fights that would be impossible otherwise, and you don't waste as much time resting. It also leaves you with more disposable mana than you would expect. Oddly enough, it's not entirely easy to find on artifacts you would like to use, which makes it handy later on as well.
Insane base CON helps you survive while maxing stats, where troll CON will give a multiplier and noone else's will.
In comparison, troll STR can be handy early to avoid slowing, but with no_selling, that's not quite as much a problem as it used to be.
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