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Originally Posted by Hariolor View Post
I discovered the power of CLW and used it to ultimately beat M pretty easily.

Phase door, CLWx3, melee, rinse, repeat

It might be better to change the % HP recovery to something like base+dice of healing? This would preserve the minimum benefit of the spells, while more effectively creating a cap on the weaker spells.
Ok, here's a different view: I much prefer CLW as 15% from the utterly pointless 4d8 it was before. It's the only healing spell for all three mage-casters, so it's nice that it stays useful throughout the game. 150hp for a 1000hp character is not much. (Actually it's 15% of wounds, not of hp, so it's more like 100hp max.) If you have time to cast it three times during the battle with M, more power to you.

So yes, it's different. But IMO it's not overpowered.
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