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I chose to just use "white" (rather than "gray"). I found that making them red or something was obnoxious. YMMV. Using "white" means that they look the same as stairs when they are within your light radius, but are fairly easy to distinguish on the map when outside your light. Of course, I am extremely old school and use ascii characters and the "curses" interface, so I don't know if this would be different under some more modern interface. One of the main reasons I did this is that the default color choice caused the shafts to use the same color as the background when they were not illuminated, so they were invisible when not in view. I'm sure this is an artifact of using curses and main-gcu (and probably some quirk of my personal terminal settings).
# 0x52 --> up shaft (perm)

N:82:up shaft

# 0x53 --> down shaft (perm)

N:83:down shaft
I also altered the "chasm" definition, to make them easy to distinguish from quartz:
# 0x02 --> unused

The use of "$" is perhaps a little questionable, since I had to re-train my Angband instincts of trying to step on the $ to pick up the money, but fortunately Sil asks if you really want to do that before it drops you down the chasm.

I don't know anything about Windows, but on Linux you don't even have to recompile the code or anything after making these sorts of changes; they are put into effect the next time the game starts up.
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