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1) Yeah, now I see that when I use identified arrows they go back to their stack after being salvaged.
2) I am save scumming for my first playthroughs to see what I can and cannot do without having to invest massive amounts of time in a character (testing spells, weapons, strategies etc)
3) I'm using an old version because I thought newer ones had too much stuff removed or "balanced" as they say. We know that skulls are useless (allegedly) but it's nice to have them there instead of removing it altogether. The same with iron spikes. Or wooden torches for that matter. It's like someone removing the pistol from Doom because it's the least used weapon in the game.
4) I don't know if I should create another thread for this but probably not: about selling stuff to the shops, do anyone know if this is normal? I found a blessed Main Gauche (+3, +6) that the shopowner pays less than 10 gold to me but sells for 2800 afterwards. Would I have to identify the weapon first to be able to get a better haggling out of it? Or going down the dungeon and back up makes the prices/items change? Any tips for a quick buck at the start? I just find annoying that you arrive at DLVL10 and get almost all your gold stolen and that when you kill the creature who stole it the gold doesn't get reclaimed. It's still better than "Rogue" throwing Rattlesnakes at you draining all your Strength down without chance of killing them from a distance for example xDDDDDD
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