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My experience is that I had to upload a video around three times on average before the YouTube processing actually worked, and even then half my videos ended up having glitched out video and/or audio, which is incredibly frustrating.
So I would upload a video, wait for it to finish processing (or get stuck/fail in which case I'd have to start over) and then skim through the video to make sure nothing glitched out. First time through something was almost always messed up in the YouTube vid, so I'd have to delete it and start again. I was actually hoping to upload the last two videos on Saturday, but I had so many failures at YouTube's processing stage that I only got them out on Monday, and even then it looks like the second to last one did in fact glitch out, because YouTube still hasn't processed it in HD.

I was using OBS Studio's default settings, the only alteration I made was to change the output format to .mp4
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