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Best character I've ever played, a clvl 43 Dunadan Paladin, is currently hovering around 4000' searching for artifacts. Two of her equipment choices aggravate monsters, which is annoying, but hey - she has 935HP and she's at 35 speed! What's going to hurt her, right?


Last trip down to the dungeon left her in a room with a bunch of multi-hued hounds right next to her (ugh) and a light-blue U in a corridor below. A randart sword I'm carrying around as a swap activates for Banishment, so bye-bye hounds. Never having been this deep in the dungeon before, I have no idea what a light-blue U is. 'Horned Reaper', eh? Well, that's got to be good for some XP, so off goes Lalaith V to melee it.

The Horned Reaper summons some greater demons before I can get close, and I have to hack down an Osyluth first. The Horned Reaper finishes off the weaked Osyluth before I can, which does not put me in a good mood. Still, now I'm facing the Horned Reaper in a corridor with all the other greater demons stuck behind it, and I'm doing okay after quaffing a Potion of Speed and casting Heal every few rounds, so, okay, kill the Horned Reaper first and then deal with its friends. I'm around 600-something HP and just about to Heal again when:

The Greater balrog breathes fire.
The Horned Reaper resists a lot.
Low hitpoint warning!

The what breathes fire? And then I noticed that I was at 1HP. Seriously. One.

A potion of *Healing* and a desperate teleport later, I'm back to safety having learnt my lesson: always assume that anything on the screen can kill you. Oops!
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