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How do I copy and paste the last, say, 100 messages from my game (I'm not quite dead)?

So, I should know better, given the number of times I've died from an Umber Hulk when my only escape is ?phase. Well, I figured I'd just hammer it out, since I have a good weapon, but I'm not *that* powerful given that I'm just a lowly hobbit, not a half-troll warrior. So I start engaging him in melee, yeah, yeah, I'm confused, go on; I'll get a hit in once in awhile, though, and you'll eventually die. .... Before I.

Well, so I optimistically hoped, but instead: missing, missing, missing, missing, more confused, more confused, more confused, more confused. Now it's starting to not look so good. I don't actually have many potions, except 8 !speed, and a few !CLW and one !Heroism, but not wasting the speeds, no, no, would much rather die with a healthy stack of !speed then blow them all on bad judgment. I get to 30 health, hmm.. maybe I should !speed. 22 or something health, okay, !speed it is. (Stubborn much?) I quaff one of my last !CLW after the !speed and the speed is surprisingly effective. But instead of hitting him, I start moving away from him, drunkenly stumbling down a hallway, and for some reason he isn't following after, even though my progress is slow.

I come into a small room at the other end of the hallway and wait for him. While I wait, I swap from my sling to crossbow with relatively good damage (+1, +6) and (+6, +3) bolts and quaff my last !Heroism. He enters the room with one red asterisk, now it's two cause he recovered a little; ahh, no biggy, I'll finish him off now. I don't bother firing at him, because I'll just spray bolts wide, and what's the point.

He comes back into melee range and I miss, miss, miss, miss, 20 health again, 8 health. Okay, that's it. I'm dead. I finally take a moment to consider my very limited options. I can continue again with melee, and most likely miss and die, or... I think my bolts do more damage. Yah, I'm gonna fire the bolt instead of just swing at him. Except I don't aim the bolt at him, since I'm most likely gonna miss. Let's aim diagonally one square away from him. I hold my breath and fire. The bad aim is "canceled out" by the confusion and what do you know the darn bolt makes good! It hits the mark and the Umber Hulk dies.

Now I stand, heavily confused, 8 health and no health potions. Let's see if I can actually still survive to town, since I'm screwed if anyone else shows up. And it's gonna be awhile before I can read again. I should have been firing at the umber hulk while he was coming down the hallway at me instead of just waiting. That would have been interesting. If anyone enters the room I will definitely do that! Just, not *at* them, but in their general direction.

I rested up to 52 health before the confusion wore off. Fired some pebbles while I was waitng, and they went all over the place, including at my feet, one or two actually hit the mark I aimed for, though.
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