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Well this is definitely a first: I'm wearing two rings of STR, both <+6>. Recently I came upon a <+2> DEX ring and then saw a ring of STR not too far away and was thinking of times of finding early really high stat rings and how that never happens. I was thinking, hmm, would be really nice if this dex ring was +6. Let's go see what the STR ring is, (not that it will be more than 3, as they rarely are below DL40). And as if to answer my thought, it was <+6>.

It's kind of interesting, I remember my early days of Angband occasionally finding <+6> dex rings deep in the dungeon and thinking they were pretty cool. Then, for the longest time would find tons of <+5> dex or str rings but never 6. It was so long of not seeing a +6 dex or str ring that I was beginning to doubt I had ever really seen one or that the code had been changed to not allow +6 in those rings. Now I'm wearing two, both found on either side of DL35.

They say the bare minimum sample size for randomness starting to even out is 1000. I guess it takes many years to see 1000 STR/DEX rings.

And, of course I find a castus of power (+3, +8) when I'm red book caster, forcing a large compromise to wield the rare and awesome gloves....
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