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Keep finding sweet +CON items, but the latest one is super nice as it puts Telepathy in a very unique spot:

The Pair of Steel shod boots of Imlarad [7,+18] <+4>CON <+7> Speed. Grants Telepathy. I'd say this is gonna open up the endgame gear juggling very nicely.

Saruman says to me after I defeat him: "you have defeated me in battle. Now here are the keys to defeating Sauron." Or maybe it's more like: You defeat Saruman only to discover he was plotting to overthrow Sauron. In his midsts you find:

1. 30 Mithril Arrows of Acid.
2. A Cloak of Acid brand.

Wow, this is a powerful acid brand. Suddenly an unusable weapon at home now doing over 600 not vulnerable to acid, and its to dam is +8 . Of course one of my best items is already in the cloak spot +5 CON with pConf and Regen.

Wow, I have an artifact in every slot except the ring slots and launcher and I'm only at DL51.

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