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Q about polymorph, has it changed in new versions?

Tried the search, didn't find anything easily.

Has polymorph changed? I have noticed some mobs polymorphing (or rather shapeshifting I guess) into weird stuff. Is that different from the polymorph, as they seem to retain their HP (likely insanely tough invisible stalkers)?

If polymorph hasn't changed, maybe it could be made like the mob shapeshifts ... Let's say a hydra, which is fast and breathing, if you polymorph it it would actually retain all the hp, and still give hydra xp/drops.

Could also retain certain stuff like hit chance and dmg rolls for melee and speed. Duration instead of permanent.

In short, the spell would be like a temporary disable for natural abilities/spell casting if it works. Or if you have really bad luck, maybe it warps into a gravity hound or something even more annoying.
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