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It's hard to give specifics because there are so many ways to die. One can try to give advice like "don't go beyond level 20 without Free Action", but actually, people do that all the time and it works out; and sticking to all the "signposts" is a great way to die of boredom.

You seem pretty familiar with the game already. Instead of trying to guess which specific pointers would be useful (and any that I could offer would be outdated), I'll just remind you of the 3 golden rules of Angband:

1) Detect everything (all the time)
2) Run like hell (all the time)
3) Heal (all the time)

Use your detection and evasion very liberally, and if you're in serious danger, don't hold back on the healing potions, either. But try to not be in serious danger, because the good healing potions are hard to come by.
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