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Now that is a *lot* of dice...

the Blade of Chaos of Luing (16d5) (+6,+27) [+15] <+5>
+5 intelligence.
Provides resistance to lightning, poison gas, chaos, disenchantment.
Provides protection from blindness, confusion.
Cannot be harmed by acid.
Sustains dexterity.
Blessed by the gods.  Slows your metabolism.  Feather Falling.  Prevents
paralysis.  Grants the ability to see invisible things.  Aggravates creatures

When activated, it removes curses.
Takes 164000 to 80160000 turns to recharge.
Your chance of success is 90.4%

Min Level 73, Max Level 127, Generation chance 2, Power 422, 14.5 lbs
Based on Ringil.
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