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Complete N00b's Journey Character #3: Ragorlin, the Noldor Finarfin

Introduction: This is the third character in progress in the series called the "Complete N00b's Journey", where I attempt to see how far I get in my four tries despite my n00bish mistakes. This character, whose name is Ragorlin and is a Noldor Finarfin that is pursuing a Stealth singer build, has made it to 250 feet after some tense moments with an orc scout. To celebrate, I am now starting a thread for this character to track his further progress. As a reminder for this series, the number before the hyphen signifies the attempt that I am playing, and the number after the hyphen signifies the goal that I have finished. With that, I bring you:

Complete N00b's Journey: Part 3-1

After extensively watching the Basil's Stealh singer build video, I gave my character 8 perception points, the Keen Senses and Listen skills, and 3 stealth points, and made a mad dash to the down staircase to 100 ft, which turned out to the room to my right. The only thing I picked up was the starting curved sword. After I arrived at 100 ft, I reloaded the level twice due to tanglethorns and orcs blocking the way to the downstairs in both instances, picking up a shortbow, a copper speckled potion, and a shortsword while getting the Disguise skill. At 150 ft, I spend two points on Song and reload the level due to an orc soldier horde approaching, causing me to fall down crumbling stairs and get hurt. I luckily find the upstairs, which I use to reload the level again, which gives me an orc scout that notices me and makes getting back upstairs difficult. After reloading the level again, I get to the 200 ft depth after picking up a set of gauntlets and dodge a madthorn's attacks. I then spend another point on Song and sneak past a group of white wolves to get to the 250 ft depth. I then learn the Song of Silence and conclude the part.

So the next goal is to get down to 350 feet, which should be doable, if I don't screw this character up.

After some research, it seems that I should probably get a brass lantern or a digging implement to stay in shape before I go deeper than 350 feet. The question is, is it worth losing a point of stealth at this point to be able to wear studded leather armor? If that is the case, then that is something that I should probably do before I go down through stair-scumming.

I'm also going to try to see if I can get at least 4 more stealth points for Ragorlin before ending this part. I will most certainly going to be prioritizing this sub-goal before taking any more skills.

The only items of note that I have so far are several potions that I picked up. Should I quaff-id them to figure out what they are or wait until I get an identifying item?

The below link is the current status of Ragorlin, which will be updated as I post future parts of this character's progress:

Any tips to improve this character's survival is appreciated.
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