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Generally I prefer leather to studded leather on stealthy characters. You will eventually go over 10 lbs and lose that stealth point, but initially it's better to have say 6 lbs of leather and 2 lbs of boots than 12 lbs of studded leather, and by the time you're fully kitted out you probably will need leather to stay below 20 lbs.

Stealth loss to armour is entirely by weight so you should be wearing armour below that first 10 lbs if you can. The first armour makes a huge difference to survival early on. I would be wearing the helm at this point.

Lantern is more important than a digging implement, even with Listen it's good to have that extra light radius. You don't have enough strength to dig effectively, IIRC you need strength 1 even to shift rubble.

Murky Brown potion is always Orcish Liquor: some healing + stun. Save it for a tight spot but be aware you are probably sufficiently fragile that if you're using it next to an enemy you'll lose as much damage from spending a turn to drink it. One of the others will likely be Slow Poison, as this is a typical early drop, but you won't be able to use-id this without being poisoned so it's likely wasted if you just drink it.

Use-IDing potions on low Will is somewhat dangerous, but you may have to take some risks at some point as it's hard to afford Lore-Master given your other necessary expenses until you're quite deep. (I had two other pacifists before Naedim who made it to the throne room before I got too cute, for reference: and - they may be useful to inform your decisions).

Oh, and be a little careful with Basil's build if it's you're working from, 1.1.1 was a while ago and 1.3 has changed quite a bit. It looks fairly similar to the build I was using, so probably fine, but not having watched the whole thing I'm not sure if there's any advice in there which would now be deprecated.

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