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Thanks for the input. I am working from that video that was mentioned by Basil, but am taking input from the users here as much as I can. Anyway, I manage to get to 350 feet and improve my stealth such that I can have a decent chance of remaining undetected by the monsters there.

Complete N00b’s Journey: Part 3-2

This part begins by quickly heading to the 300 ft staircase and putting another point into stealth. I then go back to 250 ft, where I find two different types of staves that turn out to be recharging upon use-id’ing one, while leaving the other unidentified after one use. I then put another point into stealth and encounter Gorgol the butcher, prompting me to go downstairs to avoid being detected. I then find a brass lantern and a Kite Shield and find the stairs to the 350 ft level, while getting hit by a nightthorn. Once there, I put yet another point into stealth and fall down yet another flight of stairs, which puts me in the middle of a generated 350 ft level. While looking for the stairs, I find a Sapphire Ring of Perception <+2>, a unidentified golden ring, and accidentally eat a herb of rage. After waiting for the rage to subside, I find a couple of other potions, some herbs and food, and get enough experience points to put another point of stealth in. I then end the part, having felt that I pushed my luck enough for now.

The next goal is to get down to 450 feet, which I consider as a tossup to achieve, as my equipment is not what I feel what it should be to accomplish this.

I think I should still go for another stealth point, then maybe work towards getting the Song of Lorien since Lore-Keeper by itself is trash?

So, I still don’t have body armor, which is going to be a bit of a problem. Or will the shield suffice for the next part of my journey? Anyway, I’m going to work rather hard to make sure that I can get at least SOME form of body armor in this next go. That's going to be something I try to get before posting the next part, assuming this character survives.

Ragorlin’s status has been updated, and any input to help this underequipped character is welcome.
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