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You don't really need body armour, the shield is ample. Survival for this character relies on not being spotted. Taking an extra couple of turns to die when being hit provides a small advantage, but if wearing extra armour loses you a Stealth point and you fail a stealth check because of it, that's a much more serious problem.

You have a lantern, I'd continue diving. You need a steady stream of more XP that you won't be getting by seeing the same enemies over and over.

More advice:
I presume you're engaging Stealth mode where possible at present, sticking close to the walls, closing doors behind you, and waiting in corners for groups of enemies to pass. As you go deeper and have more Stealth, it becomes less necessary to engage Stealth mode, but it's important early.

Your main escape if you do get surrounded is to use-ID a staff and hope it is Majesty. It may be worth trying to use-ID unknown staffs near stairs if an enemy is close before you descend, you have Recharging so if you discover Majesty you can put some extra charges on it.

You're about to enter warg depth. This is where things get challenging. Wolves and wargs can track you by scent, but the early wolves are blocked by doors - wargs aren't. They have highish perception and move faster than you do. Give them a wide berth.

Build-wise get another stealth point, yes, and work toward Lorien. Lorien will not be reliable for you until it gets quite high, but it will shut down some of the lower-will enemies.
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