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Originally Posted by Flambard View Post
This is a bit disingenuous, it appears you know precisely, what "configure" is, you just don't like it.

The actual script is NOT 7000+ lines long, it's more like 600.

The generated script works on everything that has a shell (not even bash, just any shell), thus it's completely dependency-free, which is the purpose.

Yes, autoconf syntax is a bit terse, but is CMakeLists.txt really better? And yeah, autoconf has some problems, but so does CMake.

Just my 2 cents, before jumping into next build system, maybe we should examine if that's even necessary?
Depends on how much do you love Windows, cmake integrates much better with different compilation settings on Windows. For example, how can autotools manage clang-cl + vcpkg + windows SDK?
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