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Originally Posted by Patashu View Post
For your consideration (with ones you already did removed):
Difficulty settings probably wouldn't be too hard to do, though I'll need enough play-testing on my main line changes that they'd probably be added later.

I'm going to try to strengthen the existing pacifist means of dealing with Morgoth, but if you have any ideas for new skills that would bolster pacifist runs I'd be happy to hear them.

Slaying/Sharpness is its own complex topic, I'll say a bit more about it below.

I'll look into fixing Concentration. If it's really strong after I probably won't have another ability based on focusing on one opponent, and find something else.

Parry I'm on the fence about. Shortsword of Galadriel adds a mighty 3 evasion with parry, defender blades add 2. At higher evasion scores, paying 1500 or 2000 experience for +1 is an okay deal, and if you're getting +2 or more it's excellent. I appreciate that it is another ability that privileges swords over other weapons, particularly as quarterstaffs are not very usable in their current form and great spears are relatively unloved. Also it leads into Riposte, which can be quite strong.

Originally Posted by Patashu View Post
Also, I'd say that since you're making a variant not a mainline Sil, don't feel like you have to remove 'niche' abilities too aggressively. Keep Careful Shot, keep Song of Freedom, etc - if people want to use them, why not?, let them. Stuff like Momentum being nixed is reasonable though since they warp the entire meta of the game by merely existing.
Song of Freedom I think could be reasonable, if Slaying/Sharpness didn't warp the song tree so greatly. At the very least the prerequisite needs to go. Careful Shot is I think a newbie trap (it might seem reasonable if you don't have a feel for the rarity of arrow drops), and I want to avoid newbie traps, particularly newbie traps that have few valid build uses for more experienced players.

I am wondering if a redesign of the throne room might be in order. The current one has an iconic feel, but is heavily balanced toward standing in the open with Rage herbs and singing Slaying. This condenses melee builds toward a very similar ending point.
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