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Thanks! Yeah, that weapon is tailored made for the final two bosses.

I noticed some posts on the forums saying that Warrior is at a disadvantage compared to other classes? Given how much easier I find playing HT/Warrior compared to other combos, I'd just like to put in my two cents for *not* making Warrior have an easier time with traps or whatever. It seems right to me that the class/combo that has the best damage output in the simplest of terms (easiest to play: melee is much simpler to execute or manage than spells or arrows) should have some serious drawbacks to force people towards more dynamic, less straight forward combos. As such, the drawbacks of HT/Warrior are not enough to have me playing other combos much. I'm not saying they should be made even more stark, but I don't think I'd like to see them made less so. A lot of that has to do with my preferred playstyle, though. I've also gotten better and more creative at playing around Warrior's weaknesses.
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