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Awesome stuff, as expected. I especially like what you've done with the upper screen, splitting it into multiple parts - I was about to file a feature request for something like that for the faangaband DS port. The ability to go into the =options menu through the 'enter' command menu is also very nice.

A couple of issues that you probably already know about:

1. The contextual buttons from character generation stick around after the game starts.
2. When the game is exited/ended, the program hangs instead of turning off the DS, which is a little unnerving.
3. Hitting the @ executes the "rest" command. Resting is a common enough activity that I think it deserves a permanent button, especially given how difficult it is to hit the @ in regular play.
4. Other obvious stuff from the faangband port like the appearance of context-specific buttons (">" when you're over a staircase, &c).

Anyway, great work, and I'll provide more feedback as I continue to play. Make sure to keep posting as you update! Cheers.

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