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Frog - what's a good tanky Priest build?

I've never gotten far with priests, so on my last one I emphasized melee. Took Demigod-Hades for the extra Con & HP (and rNether) instead of Hera, used Combat personality instead of Pious, and I put all my early stat gains into Strength (then Dex & Con) instead of Wis as I have in the past. For my magic realms I took Life & Trump. Coffee-break mode.

It ended up being the farthest I've gotten with a Priest - once you can spam Healing combined with decent melee, it's game changing. For my Demigod power at CL20 I took the one that gives you +20% to healing, not sure if that was a good choice.

Then I died at CL 35 on Dragon Quest due to stupidity (decided to quaff Healing instead of casting to save SP, and accidentally quaffed Heroism).

Is there a better build for a melee-focused Priest? And is Trump a good choice? The spell set seems to align well with Life, no overlaps, and getting blink, teleport and teleport away in your first Spellbook is great. And I'm sure its awesome once you get Dimension Door on line. But I never made much use out of all those summon spells, except using Kamikaze as a distance attack. It's funny, when I look at the Ladder for Trump users to see which spells they used, several hardly touched all the summoning spells, while another cast the hell out of them, especially Trump Undead.

There's always Sorcery, I guess that's the obvious choice for a 2nd realm. Not many characters can cast both Haste & Healing...
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