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Un ID'd scrolls in vaults are a nightmare

EDIT: I love all the work being done on Angband. I enjoy the game now more than the 3.4.1 days when I last played it too much. I love all the new room types; and I really like the explosion trap, although it rarely happens; it's one of the few traps that really feels like something really happened. I love most things that are being done to the game, so I apologize if the following rant is a fair bit whining.

The tedium of having to wait till I am all done sifting through and taking the good loot in a vault before reading any unknown scrolls or trying unknown staves is really tedious, especially when there are tons of object destroying creatures in the vault.

"Oh, **** it, I'll just read the stupid scroll, I've already read ?*destruction* and ?DD so what are the chances it's something that will make me loose any loot?"

~You sink through the floor.~

Of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, it's *always* something like this! Bye bye helm of speed <+8> and WIS <+2>, bye bye my main weapon, because I accidentally dropped it picking up another one. Bye Bye gloves of Lightning immunity. And bye bye that whole other vault I haven't even gotten to yet.

Now you can say, "there'll be more vaults farther down", but this was one of those *really* annoying gallery shooting vaults, and I entered it with around 450HP on DL75, so it's no small miracle I survived it.

Anyway, this happens *all the time*. For some reason, vaults love to have for the first time, *destructions, Telelevel, deep descent, and any other effects I can't think of that cause one to lose the loot in the vault. I suppose I could exercise self-control over reading the scrolls, and always do ever since this kinda thing started happening regularly, but in this particular instance right before I decided to read ?telelevel, a black dragon melted a scroll of Acquirement, so you know, better read it before it gets melted and I decided odds are still small it's something I haven't thought of (I thought I had already read Telelevel, but I guess I confused it with another game).

I like the idea of being forced to try potions/scrolls/staves etc in theory, but in practice it has been quite annoying, because it often means I don't get to read ?Banishment, ?MBanishment in vaults before they get destroyed because I'm so worried about reading ?Telelevel or ?*Destruction from so much experience of reading those in vaults. Or, if they survive my exploration of the vault, there are multiple unknown scrolls and I always read ?Telelevel first! It's just amazing to me.

There's also a fair bit of logic gaps in the current system: you read ?Monster Confusion and you always ID it, even if no monsters are nearby, but you use a staff of Confusion and it only IDs if monsters are nearby. (??)

What's wrong with the old system where you could ID these things without risking leaving important things behind so you can pick up an unID'd wand and then run around looking for a monster to hopefully TO with the unknown wand? Now that ID staves are gone and ID scrolls are quite rare, what's the harm in allowing people to use precious scrolls of ID on other scrolls, potions, staves and wands?

Oh, and then there was the game recently where relatively deep (DL30s or so I believe) I tried an unID'd wand on a somewhat dangerous monster because by that depth I was thinking it will be something that does damage, but instead it hasted the monster, which ended up causing me to die (I usually find haste monster between DL3 and DL8).

FWIW (and probably not much) this is not the first rant I wrote on this topic. The first one I wrote I didn't post, deciding it was far too loaded with vitriol and so I exercised some self control and decided I'll wait a little longer to see if this sort of thing continues to happen and continues to annoy me before posting about it. Well, it has continues to happen and continues to annoy me.
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