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The great adventures of Nimlorn (and family)

starting a new character in nightly 8438538, i decided to make a thread detailing my mis-adventures.

brand new Dunedain Mage. Surely there must be mages among the Dunedain? Well, there is one now.
And keeping with the tradition of tall, strong men, 8 points INT, 6 points CON, 6 STR, for a total of 14 STR, 18/40 INT, and 17 CON (enough for 1 bonus HP, but only 2 measly SP per level).

Randarts, $pecial feelings, selling on. No gear.
First purchase, the two first books of magic (i intend to dive .. moderately), a potion of CSW (to ID), 5 pots of CLW, 5 Phase, 2 torches, 2 food.

I survive the rogues in town and head down to ..

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