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Thunlorn quickly realizes that the worst might have happened to Nimlorn - entering the dungeon, he is repeatedly forced to resurface, assaulted from all sides by snakes, bats, and on the surface by rabid cats and dogs. Also, no help comes to Thunlorn when he tries his magic prowess for the first time against an angry snake .. failing his 12% spell SIX TIMES out of 8 castings.
(someone doesn't understand percentages ... or statistics, either)

On finding a large room, Thunlorn is attacked by a huge frog, which he quickly dispatches .. ding ! CL2. A whoppin' eight HP added, for a total of 18, and +2 SP, for a total of 5.
Again, an invisible creature blocks the path of a brave hero, but again, the creature is dispatched by a single well placed MM.

Back into the large room, a kobol, a mouse (asleep), and a moss defend a pair of leather sandals {??}, which are probably just (cursed); the level feeling is 1-1.

stairs down, to ...
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