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DM shows a green naga, blue ooze, and acolyte. I have 39 HP, so HA!, i'm just gonna go nuke them.

Level feeling 2-3, and a soldier that i missed is in the bunch. I also step on a poison cloud trap, but i just pull back a bit and wait for it to be over, meanwhile the soldier and acolyte die. I fight the naga, fail 2 out of 7 castings, and a second soldier and second acolyte join the fray. I decide to test my lucerne hammer, and it works. ding!, CL 5 and six HP added, for a total of 45 HP and 11 SP.

I go to grab my loot, and find that the room has been overrun by a breeder, a yellow worm mass. It's a checker room, quick thinking tells me i might be able to clear it with the hammer. I recover my HP, go in and smash. result: i'm alive, i have some bolts (+4, +5) to sell, and i ding! again to CL6, only 4 HP gained, for a total of 49 HP and 13 SP.

My first torch has gone out.

I'm still OP considering this is DL3, so i milk it for everything. Next room, one harpy, one snake, one kobold, i fail 2 castings out of 7 (at 4% fail rate).

Well .. looks like my inventory is full already. Since this is a sell-enabled game, i will have to recall.
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