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i keep finding junk, a short sword, a maul, a short bow, all (+0,+0), but it's all money, so i stash it. Two green jellies give me a bit of free XP.

It's a 3-3 level feeling, and after i hit a teleport trap (i'm too lazy to DT all the time .. ) i DM a whole bunch of kobolds, including a large kobold. This could be trouble, i dont want to test the Teleport Self fail rate of 25% ....


I remember i need to cast these two spells, and in doing so i ding! to CL8, with a whoppin' 3 HP added. The RNG giveth, and the RNG taketh away.

I decide to continue milking this DL for XP, but fail to disable a trapdoor .. oh well.
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