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Sil 1.3

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you all know that Sil 1.3 is now available!

This version would not have been possible without the generous coding support from myshkin and Nick, who helped so much with keeping the Mac version alive.

Headline features:

* Early monsters have been redone to be more flavourful
* New Mac version (cocoa) which should run on more systems
* Leaping made much easier to get

Full Changelist:

- Sil 1.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- broke savefile compatibility
	- sorry about this
	- it needs to happen every now and then and I schedule it for the 1.X.0 releases

- monsters
	- large changes to the early game monsters
		- many new monsters
		- replaced many of the more generic early monsters as many players had requested
		- a few changes to some later game monsters
	- stopped the Orc warrior "chain charging"
		- it used to be that swapping with another orc counted as movement, setting up a charge
		- it no longer does (in line with how the player abilities work)
		- also anything that makes them skip a turn interrupts their charging
			- (such as when they become aware of you)
	- Gave Boldog resistance to fear (from his spear)

- new mac version
	- replaced the old Carbon version with a Cocoa version
	- the old version was really out of date and wouldn't compile or run on recent systems
	- this should also remove some stubborn old bugs (see bugfixes)
	- this version isn’t perfect (e.g. some minor problems with displaying text)
		- but it does allow Sil to run on all new systems

- objects
	- horns
		- no longer require a will check to use
		- this is because they all require a will check to have an effect anyway

- abilities
	- made Leaping easier to acquire
		- it no longer has a pre-requisite
		- it now acts as a pre-requisite to Sprinting
	- Channelling now halves the voice cost for blowing horns

- smithing
	- now allows artefact rings to have bonuses to attack, evasion, and protection
		- (since there are regular rings with these)
	- removed the ability to add Grace to artefact cloaks
		- (just a minor nerf to the extreme +Grace smiths)

- tunnelling
	- attempting to tunnel but failing now takes a turn if you are confused
		- otherwise control-dir in a corridor would effectively overcome confusion

- bugfixes
	- stopped Great Cold-Drakes and Scatha the Worm having radius 40 light (!)
	- fixed the 'could not find a vault at 100ft depth' bug
	- control-t no longer aims successfully for throwing while confused
	- smithing gloves of treachery now correctly forces a <-1> penalty to strength
	- now correctly displays 'cut' status on the first turn on a new dungeon level
	- fixed a bug where channeling's +5 bonus didn't apply to horns of force
	- hopefully fixed various bugs with the Mac version
		- crash on startup
		- requiring admin password sometimes when opening saved games

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