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EDIT: I removed all my Angband files from my computer and reinstalled the latest Nightly afresh. And it seems to have worked. I'll let you know for sure when I find an artifact.


In all the recent 4.*.* versions Angband crashes when I start a game with randarts on Mac OS X Yosemite. To get around this, I copied the contents of a randart.txt I had saved and pasted it into the artifact.txt inside the executable. Then I ran Angband with standard artifacts and got the randarts as I hoped. But whenever I put in different randarts into the artifact.txt I keep getting the same randarts the last 4 games. The game I just finished (narrowly) had the same super scythe artifact set; it was the nightly version from Nov 26th.

So I'm not sure where it's actually reading the randarts? I thought it was reading them in the Artifact.txt inside the Angband executable: Resources -> Lib -> Gamedata -> Artifact.txt. Very confusing.

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