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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
In all the recent 4.*.* versions Angband crashes when I start a game with randarts on Mac OS X Yosemite. To get around this, I copied the contents of a randart.txt I had saved and pasted it into the artifact.txt inside the executable. Then I ran Angband with standard artifacts and got the randarts as I hoped. But whenever I put in different randarts into the artifact.txt I keep getting the same randarts the last 4 games. The game I just finished (narrowly) had the same super scythe artifact set; it was the nightly version from Nov 26th.

So I'm not sure where it's actually reading the randarts? I thought it was reading them in the Artifact.txt inside the Angband executable: Resources -> Lib -> Gamedata -> Artifact.txt. Very confusing.
OK, here's how it should work.
  • The game reads your artifact.txt file; it uses the one in the App as you described, although if you have a file called artifact.txt in your Documents/Angband it will use that instead
  • If you are starting a new randarts game, it will create the randarts, replace the usual artifacts with them in the game, and write a file called randart.txt in your Documents/Angband directory
  • When you close the game, it moves that file to your Documents/Angband/archive, and renames it something like randart_0e3f461f.txt (the string is your randart seed)
  • When you re-open the same character, it loads artifact.txt, and then moves randart_0e3f461f.txt back to Documents/Angband, renames it back to randart.txt and loads it to replace the standard artifacts

So the way you described replacing the artifact.txt in your App bundle should work, although putting it on your Documents/Angband is probably easier and safer. Getting the old randarts is puzzling, but maybe from my description and checking all the appropriate places you can work it out. You can get weird things happening if you are using a randart file as your artifact.txt and then try to start a new game with randarts, as some of the object kinds (Phial, Star, etc) are read from artifact.txt.

If I had to guess, I would guess that you have a file called artifact.txt in your Documents/Angband with the old randart set you keep seeing; I'm not betting on it, though.

EDIT: I wrote the above before seeing your edit
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