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Thanks Nick! That is super helpful! I'm guessing I first edited the artifact.txt in /documents/Angband and then later edited the actual executable. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

So, yes, it's working now. New artifacts. And so story time:

I love it when Angband plays out like it was scripted. So I was diving a bit recklessly 'cause what else to do when the levels are boring or too dangerous to stay on? I haven't found any good gear yet, I have rCold and rAcid and that's about it. And FrAct. I'm doing about 30 dam a round. I come to a level (DL25) and the confuser brothers are here. I'm like oh man, I can't take these guys. But it's a 6-7 level so I'm at least gonna screw around awhile until I run out of resources or find something good. I try my wands of wonder on one of the confusers and I'm not making much progress. I try to lure him to one side of the level and then _teleport hopefully near some treasure. Just as I'm luring him away while _curing tengu brings me back 15 squares. Jeez, so much for bringing the Confuser away from where I'm trying to go. So I ?phase and am in a new area above. The layout of the level was good, with lots of horizontal hallways connected by small and medium rooms with some dead ends to prevent everyone from getting everywhere. It's a great level for ?Phasing. But invariably I run into his brother and screw around with him for a bit without accomplishing too much and so this time I do _Teleport but it's back to where I started. So I _Teleport again and into the opposite far corner of the map with a bunch of dark hounds. A little scary but turns out they fall pretty easily, even when I can't see anything.

I had recently picked up some mithril arrows from a lesser unique that do 41dam a round. So I figure between the wands of wonder and the arrows I may be able to take down the confusers... with a little luck. Presently, though, I run into Brudda, much more reasonable, and he drops an artifact weapon with some slays and brands but not exciting as at the weapon's better end is only doing the same as my whip. It has pFear and +1 Con so I decide it's good enough to use. It does better damage than the whip against a bunch of Ogres and giants, though, so I am able to scrape by. Lots of Low hitpoint warnings all throughout the level; just how I like, on the edge of survival but not completely lost. I finally start to secure the level sans the confusers and a hallway filled with peeps: paladin, ranger, which summons a displacer beast. The beast scares me a bit, but with a good shot from the wand of wonder and a critical hit from my Glaive he turns out to be not much work at all.

I finally meet one of the Confusers again and this time I think I have a good shot, as I've got him coming down a hallway into a lit room where I am. I start to pelt him with those mithril arrows and feeling really good about the situation when NĂ*r comes out of nowhere and joins me in the room. Arrggghhh!!! So frustrating! I can take Nar, and I can just barely take the Confuser, but I'm totally sunk trying to take them both. (I do have 5 pots of speed, but I'm not blowing them on these guys; not worth it, and even hasted I can't take them both). It wouldn't be so frustrating if I didn't have such a limited number of ?phase (like ten left).

So I ?phase and find myself near an unID'd rod. Ohhh yesss, I think I know what it is. Show me the money! I do battle for a bit with some things guarding it (more giants and ogres) and finally zap the rod and yes, it's a rod of treasure detection. Upon zapping it a bunch of red * show up all clustered together above me. Jackpot! I go in, not much left there, a purple jelly and purple wormass that I take care of with not much trouble. There is another heavy artifact weapon: executioner's sword. Seems like it might be slightly better than the Glaive so I bang around with it for it bit to see if it does anything. I find myself with one of the confusers again in a long hallway. I had bought a rod of light in my one visit to the store so I use it to give me a target. While I was testing it out I "hmmm" on pBlind. Nice. And guess what I "hmmm" about while healing the Confuser with my wand of wonder? pConf. Ohhh yessssss. Oh, not to mention the weapon has Taratol's activation (91 turns to recharge). Hah, the dungeon plays fair! Nar is still with him but with them together in the long hallway and me hasted I'm able to take them both down without *too* much trouble. Nar drops 58+5 armor and Confuser #1 drops gloves of Thievery tyvm.

This is the gamble of diving. If you run into too much trouble you can't handle and have to abandon a fight with a bunch of good arrows strewn all about that you can't go back and get or you don't find anything good after long exhausting battle, you feel doomed and often are. But now I can go onto DL26 feeling like I'm making progress. Ready for my next test.
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