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Hey there, first time posting on this forum.

I'm still relatively new to Sil (farthest I've gotten is 700ft), but I think I've generally got a handle on it, and I wanted to ask if you guys think there's any reason I should stick to the base game rather than switching to a fork?

I just quite like the changes you're making (I'm a fan of polearms, for one), but if the advice of experienced players would be to get a win on the base game first, I'd want to consider that.

Either way I'm gonna keep up with this fork's development, and having said that, how is the official release schedule looking, Mr. Quirk?

P.S. It's anecdotal, and probably partly coincidence, but I actually just set that 700ft personal record on my first real run of Sil-Q last night (still going, too), so there's a bit of user feedback.

Edit: Minor update - I somehow got trapped in a room by a "Grotesque" on 700ft, almost gave up hope, but was saved by a "Kemenrauko" tunneling into the room, which then proceeded to earthquake the room apart and kill me lol. Lessons have been learned.

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