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Originally Posted by VulpixUsedEmber View Post
Either way I'm gonna keep up with this fork's development, and having said that, how is the official release schedule looking, Mr. Quirk?
So, the difficulty so far has been getting user testing on less used bits e.g. fighting songs, but I'm more or less at the point of being as happy with the Song tree as I'll get without a major rethink of costings. Beyond that though I've already written up the 1.3 to 1.4 changelog and am planning to roll out the Windows build and official release next week.

With regard to playing original Sil vs the fork, I do think it's worth experiencing an original Sil Song of Slaying throne room battle at least once, so even if you settle into mostly playing Sil-Q I hope you go back to Sil 1.3 and complete it too.
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