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I really wish I could personally give you some feedback on the Song tree, but I'm still figuring out the more fundamental aspects of a good melee/evasion build, and as a personal preference I tend to avoid lots of spoilers/guides for these games. Just learned somewhere on a Sil-Q thread yesterday that I shouldn't be using Subtlety if I'm not a stabber, for example. I do like the sound of "Song of Thresholds", though, and "Song of Challenge" for annoying archers.

I think I'll take your advice and generally put my time into vanilla until I can win, but I am gonna check out the full release of Sil-Q.

One thing that was sticking in my mind about playing vanilla over Sil-Q was what I've read about Momentum sort of unbalancing the game towards light weapons, and I guess just generally the kind of weapon and ability balancing issues which you're trying to fix with Sil-Q. But if nothing else, I can probably find more advice and guidance for the base game in getting my first win.

P.S. Sorry I talk so much :P Also thanks for replying!
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